Julian Louie X Aldo

SO quite some time ago I went on a venture for these amazing shoes that Julian Louie did in collaboration with Aldo. They were sold out downtown only days after hitting the shelves. After ordering the tope ones online (the only colour you could order) I went shopping in richmond one day with Madison. Of all places the gorgeous tribal print shoes were at the richmond centre location… For real? Anyways, I bought them and they have been my most favourite purchase I’ve made in a while (If you can find them I suggest you buy them). My drunk ass definitely rocked them while out at the bars in LA. ANYWAYS, for my styling class at school we had to do a commercial photo shoot on our favourite product, the first thing that popped into my mind were these gorgeous shoes. Heres the final picture along with some cute outtakes.

Model: Christina Chan
Stylist: Danielle Webster
Photographer: Budianto Nasrun