DIY#1 Ombre denim shirt

We’ve seen this ombre trend everywhere. Hair, nails, make up and of course clothing. Well kids, lucky for you I am here to show you how ombre your denim shirt! It’ll also cost you a lot less than Kanye’s custom dip dyed Maison Martin Margiela denim shirt he wore at the 2011 MTV VMA’S. It doesn’t just have to be a denim shirt; it can be shorts, a skirt, your socks, and even your cotton underwear (trend it up in the bedroom a bit).

 Not exactly the same but you get the idea?
Caution: Don’t use your parents wooden spoon from France that absorbs dye easily. Try and use utensils that you don’t use anymore and wouldn’t mind getting rid of after.

What you will need:

  • A denim shirt
  • One tin of Dylon ‘Madonna Blue’ dye
  • One tin of Dylon ‘Arabian Night’ dye
  • Rubber gloves

Step #1

Wash your shirt even if it is brand new, to remover any stains or dressings not visible to the eye, leave damp.

Step #2

Pierce tin of ‘Madonna Blue’  dye and put in a pot of boiling water. Add 1oz of salt and mix thoroughly to ensure they both dissolve.

Step #3

Add 2/3 of your shirt in the boiling water, turn down temperature to a simmer. Stir the shirt for 20 minutes to ensure even coverage.

Step #4

Wash out shirt until dye runs clear, hang shirt to dry.

Step #5

Repeat step 2 to 4 but only dip shirt in ‘Arabian Night’ dye 1/3 of the way from the bottom.

Step #6

Iron denim shirt and wear it anyway you’d like, see that was easy wasn’t it?

AfterCharles&Grace chain headband and double chain ring

Charles&Grace chain headband and double chain ring.