How to wear pastels

Bridesmaids everywhere once feared these shades, but now they are ready for their big comeback. They were some of the most influential colours of the spring 2012 runways. Something that will transition into a cool summer look. However with such a radical shade of colour change from fall, it often leaves most fashion lovers to wonder, how do I wear pastels? Well darlings, I, Danielle Elizabeth am here to tell you!


Rule #1: Know which pastels work with what

The most essential thing about pastels is to know which colors go well with them. Adding a dose of neutral (grey, cream, ivory) can help balance out the girly nature of pastels. But never pair pastels with black, the contrast can be too much of a difference.

Rule #2: Don’t create over girly outfits 

Simply avoid this step by not combining colours like pink with lavender and so on and so on. Add pastel colours that are complementary like mint and pink, yellow and purple, blue and orange. Or if you really want to try the pink and lavender, combine them in with accessories like totes or belts. Also, on a similar note, skip on any ruched or ruffled pieces as they might appear a bit juvenile or prom-like.

Rule #3: Layer using clean lines

Clean lines are the trick to layering these powdery shades into a complete ensemble. Try for example, pale yellow suit and blazer, elegantly paired with just a simple pale blue tee.

Rule #4: Accessorize using chic modern jewelry

This will make a wonderful contrast especially if your outfit consists of fairy-like colors. Be careful with pearls as you may turn into a classic housewife (unless you’re wanting that look). Better to choose chic pearl studs and tiny pieces instead of bold pearl jewelry.

Okay maybe not with the extreme hair and make up, but you get the point right?

Rule #5: Opt for interesting hosiery

Pale fishnets may do wonders paired with a yellow dress or the opposite–beige dress with pale yellow fishnets. Or just wear plain pastel nylons if you prefer. Forget once in a while the hate against these wonderful pieces of hosiery! Feel confident like the beauties of the glamourous 40s and admire how they use to wear them.