Eighteen things to do in Vancouver before this summer is over!!

At the beginning of this summer my boyfriend and I each made a list of all of the things we had to do before this summer was over. Well… to say the least about only three things have been checked off. Mainly because everything was a little bit unrealistic. SO I have decided to make another list ( I know, I know) but this time they are way too easy to ignore.


Here we go ladies and gentleman, 18 things to do before september 1st:

1. Have a picnic at the beach

2. Bike the seawall

3. Grocery shop in Granville Island

4. Swim in the pool at Kits beach

5. Take the water taxi

6. Rent vespas and cruise the city

7. Walk around the forest in Stanley Park

8. Visit the aquarium and say hi to the penguins (they’re super cute)

9. Go lay at third beach, alllllll day

10. Visit the BLIM Monthly Market on August 19th at Heritage Hall 

11. Be SURE to check out the Van Bloggers Sale on August 18th at Shine NIghtclub 

12. Go to the PNE and check out Nick Carter sing live (don’t lie we know he’s still dreamy)

13. Get a tattoo at Sacred Heart ( Come on, be adventurous, even if it is something small) ( ps they are the best place)

14. Get some delicious grilled cheese at Mom’s grilled cheese truck located on the corner of Howe and West Georgia

15. That reminds me, go to the food cart fest at the Waldorf Hotel ( it runs every sunday 12-6)

16. Take a mini weekend road trip up to Whistler (we know that’s not Vancouver, but close enough)

17. Rent a boat and go boating around the coal harbour area (it’s not as expensive as you may think it is)

18. Buy some Charles&Grace Jewelry …I had to slip that one in