DIY Terrarium

This fun yet easy project can add life to any apartment! If you’re nerdy like me and have an obsession with Michael’s Craft Store, than you’ll love decorating it after as well!

Supplies you’ll need:




-Glass container with a wide mouth so you can stick your hand in it to build the terrarium

-Cactus or some sort of plant

Optional Supplies:

Step #1

-Add a layer of pebbles/gravel, about 1″thick along the bottom of your glass bowl. Then add a layer or two of soil on top of the pebbles.

Step #2

– Dig a little hole and put on an oven mitt while placing the cactuses, otherwise they will prick you (I learned the hard way). Keep in mind where you plan on placing your decorative objects as well.

Step #3

-Add a layer of moss and decorate with your figurines. Water the cactuses with a small amount of water (3-4 tablespoons). VOILA you are done!

Terrarium care:

Place your terrarium in indirect or filtered sunlight. If it’s in a full sunlight, it will grow too fast and/or bake. Think about the real forest and the light there: This will help you in finding a good place for your terrarium to grow. They do need some light.

Cycles of condensation and evaporation are normal inside your terrarium as it warms up during the day and cools during the night. If there’s too much condensation, though, I take the lid off for an hour or a little less, but you have to make certain to put it back on or the terrarium will quickly dry out and die.

Water your terrarium once every three months.