Cute Holiday Nail Tutorial

To put it simply, nail polish is one of my many obsessions. Creating art that you can wear for about one week is one of my favorite things… ever. Luckily, the holiday season brings out the creativity in all of us – whether it’s decorating a christmas tree, your house, or even your nails! Here is the most recent nail look that I’m rocking!

Nail polishes used:
Essence Black is Back
NYC Big Apple Red
NYC French White Tip
Nicole by OPI The Next CEO
Essie Shine of the Times

IMG_0460Of course, you can make do with the colors you already own – these are just the colors that I had handy. Red is red. Black is black. Don’t go out searching for these specific brands! The only color that I would recommend having for this nail look is Essie’s Shine of the Times. It’s a topcoat that gives your nails a beautiful sparkly, metallic finish (and I’m absolutely in love with it).

First thing you’ll want to do is paint all nails white, except for your ring finger (accent nail), which you will paint red.

IMG_0467Next, paint a thick black strip close to the end of your nail, but far enough from the tip that you can still see some red polish.

IMG_0469While that’s drying, use Essie’s topcoat and paint over the white nails. This will make your nails look like snow – it’s absolutely gorgeous!

IMG_0475Next, use a toothpick or brush and dip it into the gold nail polish. Then, draw a belt buckle (basically a square with a small line on one side) on top of the black strip.

IMG_0482 IMG_0484And there you have it – a cute holiday nail look that should last you approximately one week or so (depending on how often you use your fingers). I’m on day 3 and it hasn’t chipped yet!


P.S. I apologize for my lack of having a professional photographer to take the pictures 🙂