Eco-Fashion Week Re-cap!

Last week we attended Eco-Fashion Week Vancouver where we went to see Evan Ducharme who presented a timeless and feminine collection. We absolutely loved all of the outfits, which were fitted with hairstyles and jewellery pieces that embodied a 1940’s style. His collection was both glamourous and eco-friendly, leaving the audience in awe. His pieces are “either of the organic or recycled form such as melton wool” and he also likes to use locals artisans to help him in producing his collections. He believes that by using local artisans it gives people an avenue to showcase their talent in places they would not otherwise be able to. This type of initiative is really and inspiring and we hope to see more people follow the path of designers like Evan! 

Congrats Evan! 

Make sure to check out the link posted below for a quick video recap of the three designers we saw including Evan.

Here are a few photos from the show! ImageImageImageImageImagepopular guy! 😉