Sassy Sasquatch ‘13 Re-cap !

Empire of the Sun

The XX

Edward Sharpe Preaching

Edward Sharpe Preaching

So, I know that Sasquatch has already passed but we thought we would share a brief re-cap of the week!

This was by far the most insane year yet and it is only bound to get more and more popular. The lineup was crazy, leaving many conflicted when having to choose one over another. For example, they put the Lumineers and Alt-J on at the exact same time. As we felt the Lumineers had a more festival vibe to their style we chose them, but I am sure Alt-J was insanely good. The best part is that the Lumineers came into the crowd to play, just to keep that more intimate connection with the HUGE audience. Plus, their set consisted of huge chandeliers.

The weekend seemed to be much more organized than the previous years, where they actually mailed out wrist bands prior rather than having to get them there. The crowd as always was tons of fun and full of vibrantly styled people. Styles ranged from raver to grunge masters. However, this year’s most popular look of course were floral crowns paired off with maxi skirts, crop tops and leather boots. Some people had some wild floral crowns and some kept it sweet and simple with a more classic daisy hippie headpiece. There were also a lot of girls rocking forehead gems and oversized wool sweaters.

Throughout the duration of the weekend, I stumbled upon a variety of vendors. This was awesome to see, it made it feel like were really living in a village. One that I really liked in particular was ‘East Van Pirates’ or something of the sort. They are Vancouver locals, hence the name, and they made these adorable laser cut wooden earrings. Some of them had pinup girls, skulls and swallows etc.

As for the weather, it actually rained this year! The last day was pouring but we all stuck it out for an amazing day of Artists including Cake, the Postal Service and Imagine Dragons. We were pretty pissed though when we found out that Azelia Banks had cancelled… bummer! The rest of the weekend however was hot and sunny. Making the Gorge even more Gorge-ous than it already is. Since it was so hot we really wanted to make it down to the river, but it is kind of impossible. One of the artists had joked about trying to get to it whilst high on mushrooms. Some seriously interesting characters!

Here is a list of some of what I thought were the best artists and live performers this year!

The XX (Of course..)

Mumford & Sons (atmosphere)

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (magical)

Cake (Classic Funky Fun! & Hilarious commentary)

Shad (Vancouver Local and killer freestyler!)

Devandra Banhart (less well known ones, but SO amazing and just adorable bunch of guys)

Empire of the Sun (mostly for the performance, tons of futuristic costumes and dancers! gimmicky but fun)

Macklemore (being at the front hurt, but it was a good ol’ time!)

The list COULD go on.. but I will stop there 😉

Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun