Boho Chic: Head to Toe


Here at Charles & Grace we absolutely cannot get enough of the boho chic look. It is a totally timeless look that works throughout all the seasons whether it be fall or summer. Some celebrities that have consistently rocked and owned this style are the Olsen twins, Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens and Mischa Barton.The thing we love the most about the look is how messy yet refined it is. A big part of the look is layering and oversized pieces, what is more awesome than that? The bigger the better.

Of course, everyone will put this look together differently, but here are some items that we consider key to rocking the boho chic look head to toe.

1)ImageAlmost every girl these days has a pair or two of suede ankle boots. Greek-esque sandals or even moccasins are also perfect for pulling the look together!



Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. This stuff works wonders. Maybe on the pricier side, but well worth it. Many other brands carry sea salt hair spray now too so not to fret! Give your hair a quick messy teased curling then spritz some of this on and voila! Boho-licious.



Yes, yes. The fringe bag. Vanessa Hudgens is clearly a huge fan of these bad boys and so are we! Any suede or oversized bag works and looks awesome. You can carry all your hippy goods in them. Maybe even a tambourine or two..


ImageOver sized knits. Or really anything oversized and somewhat raggidy looking. Scarves and ponchos are awesome too. Focus on the neutral colours. Throw that overtop of leggings and you’ve got a super easy but trendy outfit for when you’re in a rush. Roll right out of bed into it!


A pair of big ol’ sun glasses. Round or square. Turtle shell rules. Or even a yellow lens. Definitely a signature look of MK Olsen. Some dig it, some don’t. Either way, sunglasses are a must.



Last but not least, head candy. No boho chic look is entirely complete without head ornaments. This is where we come in!  You can either rock the playful floral pieces or elegant head chains.

Nicole Richie is definitely queen of boho head pieces. Another fun and easy more MK style, are ‘turbons’. Just take a small scarf and knot it up on the front of your head. Always a fun DIY!