Summer Festival Survival for This & That!



The summer is not yet over! There are still many amazing music festivals to come including Burning Man and BC’s very own Squamish live! In fact we will be selling Charles & Grace products at Squamish live! You will even be able to pay electronically, sweet! 

Anyway… we figured that since so many festivals are coming up that it was only appropriate to make a list of awesome and easy festival essentials for this & that! 

ImageThe black maxi skirt is by far the easiest option. Comfy and easy to slip on those rough morning afters. H&M carries basic maxi skirts for 19 bucks! Go ahead and get it messy. As long as you have this staple you can pack 3-4 shirts and your set for your primary outfits.  

ImageNo festival look is complete without a head piece. Charles & Grace flower halos are available online and in a wide variety of colours! You can also find them at Squamish Live! 

ImageSo, we all know that there are strict rules on digital cameras.. plus no one wants their camera stolen. So a must have is a disposable camera! You can snatch this cute little guy at Urban Outfitters for 20 buckaroos! (lots of other fun ones! but cats rule!) 


Wet wipes. These are a must. The cheapest and quickest shower you’ll get at any festival. You won’t regret packing these! Also make sure to grab some makeup remover wipes as well, if you plan on rocking makeup. Super cheap and so necessary for keeping fresh 😉 


Dry shampoo. Batiste is THE best. This and wet wipes combined you are covered for freshness in that heat! 


Keep those lips from getting chapped and keep them kissable! EOS is super cute and affordable. And mmm mmm, is it ever yummy smelling! 

ImageAs simple as a compact mirror may seem, many people tend to forget to bring them! This super cute one is from Forever21. They’re cheap and will save you a lot of hassle, you won’t have to run out that Iphone battery using the self-facing camera 😉 


ImageOver the ear head phones..if you plan on getting any sleep. Some of you party animals won’t need these but if you are one that likes a solid sleep then these are a must. 

ImageWe know its not the most fashionable item.. but when there is a chance of rain ruining your day of music festivities this will be your best friend. And hey one size fits all 😉 Nothing worse than be stuck in cold rain.. we can attest to it.. just look at how Sasquatch turned out the last day! Don’t wait to buy one there, they will charge you TONS! 

ImageNeon face paint always makes festivals so much more fun. Its small to pack and if you share it you’ll have instant friends! For a cheap alternative you can even get kids washable paint from a dollar store. 


Mason jars! To make your drinking experience just a little more trendy 😉 and cheap! easy to conceal and re-use, rather than trashing your camp site with red plastic cups!