Street Style Influencers

We’re always interested in what people are wearing on the streets. Personal style is so unique yet we often walk past someone who is a creative masterpiece. Although the outfit may be top notch and look fabulous, our eyes go directly to the accessories. Mainly, jewelry (what else were you thinking?).  We like to think that Charles and Grace provides great pieces for the unique individual, but we don’t always get to see how you style your C&G. So, we went exploring and found pieces similar to ours to see how they styled them, to give ourselves a little inspiration.


Firstly, as many of your know we are obsessed with flower crowns. They’re playful and flirty, plus there are many colour options so you are bound to find one that matches your outfit and compliments your hair colour. Here we have casual wear with some flower crowns. Typically, many people only imagine sporting these babies at festivals but we’re going to inspire you they’re perfect for everyday. We see a comfortable summer day look with a crop top and high rise jeans accompanied by a light kimono set the stage for a flower crown to make a complimenting cameo. Like this girl, we feel the flower crown looks best in the casual state. You can find many flower crowns available by Charles and Grace.

299b62227c5c514d34a9946dd2d184ecHello body chains. We’re obsessed with body chains and we think you should be too! They can go with many different styles; casual daytime, sultry evening, beach bum. Here we see the body chain in its casual state. Wearing it over a simple yet stylish outfit will tie everything together and make it look a lot more fun. You can wear it over or under your outfit, but make sure it is visible either way (what’s the point in wearing it if it’s not being shown off?).

907e3eff5a2273d6641869ecb2d5b1b2We are really into hand chains lately. The combination of ring and bracelet is fabulous. Whatever your preference, there is a hand chain out there for you. Like the photo on the left, gold and jewels make this piece extremely attractive and draws attention to itself. This design makes us think of summertime and how great it would look against bronzed skin. On the right is a much more low key styling of this piece. Simply paired with a pullover, beanie and a bag, the hand chain adds a touch of individuality into this classic look.



There are a few things we love about this look below; layering, animals and crystal bullets. Anywhere we can wear a crystal bullet piece, we will. Debuting in our Spring/Summer 2014 collection, the crystal bullet necklace is the perfect piece for spicing up a t-shirt and jeans, or layering with several other beautiful pieces like the photo above. But that’s the great thing about jewelry, you can pair it with whatever you like and make it your own.

At Charles and Grace we have similar pieces to every one mentioned above. We recommend you take a peek and create your own unique look with some of our pieces. There’s plenty to choose from!