It’s almost that day again – Valentine’s Day. Where everything is red, pink, cute and overall just fabulous. Whether you’re single or in a couple, the day is a fantastic time to love everyone and everything (not that you shouldn’t any other day of the year). Love is in the air on February 14th.

We are going to give you a little bit of a guide for Valentine’s Day. What to do, eat, and wear.

What to Do

Go do things. Actually. Here in Vancouver we have our beloved ice skating at Robson Square. It’s a lot of fun and super romantic to go with your loved one. Check around your city and see if skating is available, and if you live in a cold enough climate perhaps find a secluded frozen pond for a one on one skate.


If you’re not up for the idea of getting out Friday, then don’t. Have a couples spa day. Think relaxing massages for the two of you. Following that have a low key day at home, who could say no to bathrobes all day long?

What to Eat

Valentine’s Day is all about decadence. Your food should fit this role. However, we’re not one to dictate what is and isn’t decadent, but there are some stereotypes for this.

The steakhouse, such as The Keg or Glowbal in Vancouver. This is a guarantee to be a romantic and tasty evening. If you or your date are vegetarian, we do not suggest these places, but rather go for something fun. Italian restaurants are incredibly romantic (remember Lady and the Tramp? You two could recreate that scene). Many restaurants have their own twist on typical Italian dishes, so pick somewhere you’ve both never been to and explore. Plus, these places are often candle lit, helloo romance.

It isn’t Valentine’s Day without a little dessert. We recommend it, and chocolate is a must. Chocolate fondue is a great idea and activity to do with your partner. Cut up fresh fruit, melt some chocolate and start dipping. Another Valentine’s must have is red velvet cake. Yes, we know this is basically chocolate cake with food colouring, but the colours make it so festive that we can’t resist. Grab a slice to share with your lover.


What to Wear

When dressing for the day of love we often think that you should dress in something that will wow your partner. It isn’t everyday where love is the main attraction. Most importantly, wear what is comfortable. If that happens to be jeans and a shirt then go for it, if you’re into getting fancy then a dress is a must. A flirty dress with subtle makeup is a great look for Valentine’s Day, but we can’t forget to accessorize. Wow your sweetie with a body chain. Wear it underneath your dress or shirt and he’ll be wondering where it goes to when it disappears under the neckline. Take note from Rihanna.


We wish you all a marvellous Valentine’s Day! Even if you’re single, try any of the above with your friends, or you know, sit at home with a pizza and the latest season of Girls. It’s your choice.