Brand Ambassadors

We’ve recently been scoping the internet in search of Charles & Grace Brand Ambassadors! These are girls with wicked style who truly embrace what Charles & Grace is, not to mention have social media accounts you can’t look away from. We’re still currently searching for the girls we want to represent our brand, but while we’re doing so why not check out the girls we’re loving.


Sydney Hoffman is a 21 year old blogger living in Toronto. Her posts are always delightful and feature outfits that you can actually wear. She never fails to incorporate colours of the season to create a look that could be confused for a magazine editorial.


Marta Tryshak is a fashion blogger and features all things feminine. What makes her great is that she has a variety of posts from travel to lifestyle, so whatever your taste there is something for you.


A photography based out of Australia, Nicole Cooper has an eye for style. Scrolling through her incredibly beautiful and visual blog, you can see snap shots from her life and usually what we see her wearing is our ideal outfits.

So there you have it. A peek at the kind of gals we’re searching the internet to represent Charles & Grace and look fabulous doing it.