Top 5 Canadian Bloggers

We love our home and native land. Appreciating Canadian bloggers is something we do best, and we thought we’d share our top five with you! These ladies hail from around Canada, and don’t lack a good fashion sense!


We love keeping up with Gumboot Glam. The blog was started in 2012 by owner, Ally, who is from Vancouver (just like us!) and posts the best outfits. Girl has wicked style. We would say she has a girly eclectic style, and it’s definitely working for her. Check the girl out at


We’re completely obsessed with The Style Cat. Her outfits are absolutely unique and make us envious of her creations. Writing from Toronto, Jessica Cheng has a way with clothes. The photos are another thing that we adore. Everything about them is everything we love, and we see such mystery behind each one.

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Beaux Mondes hails from Hamilton. We find her blog is incredibly well written, and features amazing images. We love looking at pictures so that is a big thing for us. Stephanie writes about fashion and lifestyle, so there is something there for everyone.

Picture 15

A Canadian in America (it still counts, ok?), Niki updates the world about her journey as a journalist in NYC. Check out A Haute Mess, we guarantee you’ll love it as much as we do. We’re always entertained by her posts, and her outfits are an A+ in our books. The girl even uses GIFs…need we say more?

Untitled-12Alana from Dream, Create reminds of us Lauren Conrad. Her posts and overall blog, are all super fun and colourful. You can almost see the creative juices flowing when looking at her posts. If you haven’t read her blog, you must go there now! Her posts vary from fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Find your favourite!