How to Wear a Flower Crown

We often only see flower crowns at festivals and special occasions. However, they are totally acceptable to wear anytime! Typically when we see flower crowns at festivals, the bigger the better. They are usually loud and very noticeable. When wearing them on a day to day basis, try switching to a smaller one. The smaller flowers are still very flattering but are not as loud as the big ones.

For those who go from festival to fun, try incorporating the flower crown into a style!


We really like this style here. It’s perfect for summer! You get to keep the hair out of your face, and the colours of the crown are like a summer sunset. This is like a half up do, but rather than pinning anything back, just tuck your front hairs into the crown at the back to keep it in place!

You can vary this style many ways, even add a bit of curl to it and switch up your flower crown to fit the mood!