First day

Let’s cut to the chase, we know I’ve been a terrible blogger (if you can even call me that… not really though eh?). You see, I do this thing where I start projects… Continue reading

My inspiration jewelry from ASOS

Colour in Gastown

I got the photo’s back from a shoot I did in Gastown about a month ago. They turned out amazing, hope you all like them! Stylist: Danielle Webster Photographer: Madhava Musterer Model: Fiona for John… Continue reading

Julian Louie X Aldo

SO quite some time ago I went on a venture for these amazing shoes that Julian Louie did in collaboration with Aldo. They were sold out downtown only days after hitting the shelves.… Continue reading

Nehalem Bay, Oregon

Growing up my family was the type of family that would go camping every summer. I absolutely hated it (but i wanna hangout with my friendddsss all summer). It was apparently the death of me.… Continue reading

Afternoon Tea

Stylist: Danielle Webster Photographer: Budi Nasrun Make up: Teresa Hornacek Model: Ann Karamysh